Burman Energy recognizes your need to go beyond tradition technical solutions to include longer term, sustainable business strategies to meet operational and financial goals. We offer a comprehensive service that optimizes your assets and ensures compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Distribution System Planning

We can work with you to develop a distribution system plan that helps you build for the future within the framework of the Distribution System Planning Code. Our process is to develop recommendations based on a distribution system model and the LDC’s distribution system that shows the system before and after investments are made. The goal is to help determine short and long-term investments to maximize results.

Load Forecasting

Burman Energy advises LDCs on load forecasting in order to predict and plan future infrastructure upgrades and expansions and long-term business assessment and development. Precision in forecasting is essential and Burman Energy ensures accuracy through extensive analysis of a range of variables that drive energy use and tested against historical values.

Connection Impact Assessments (CIA)

We support LDCs to connect FIT and microFIT generation projects by ensuring there is available distribution system capacity at the point of connection. Burman Energy has established a capacity profiling approach that adheres to the LDC’s system model.