Conservation and Demand Management (CDM)

At Burman Energy we work with clients to provide a spectrum of services from turnkey CDM portfolio management to third-party project evaluation, to LRAM calculations and interrogatory support. Our deep understanding of CDM makes us an expert choice for clients. Whether for full program outsourcing or complementary staff support, clients gain from our expertise and strong focus on relationships.

Program Delivery

Burman Energy works with clients to customize conservation and demand management programs built to your specific requirements and customers. We are able to develop and manage conservation programming as a complete turnkey operation, which allows clients to focus on their core business. Our on-the-ground experience in all areas of conservation and demand management generates benefits for you and your customers.

CDM Portfolio Management

We offer a complete CDM portfolio management service that allows clients to focus on their core business and strengths.

Program Administration and Management

Our program administration and management experts can review your results to find untapped market potential for your business. We currently administer all IESO CDM initiatives including the Small Business Lighting, Retrofit Program, High Performance New Construction, and Audit Funding for more than half of all local distribution companies in Ontario.

Audit and Verification

Burman Energy works with LDCs and their general service customers to identify new opportunities for energy and demand savings. We engage customers in provincial incentive programs, identify opportunities to reduce electricity consumption and encourage customer market participation.